What is Bottom Search Man ?

Today, I will talk about Bottom Search Man.It is FOR FREE!
It is my own indicator. This shows you where bottom is.

Look at this picture!

In the blue circle, you can find ◆ below chart. That is bottom signal.
If you use this, you can easily earn money by contrary.

This useful, competent, perfectest and strongest indicator is FOR FREE!!!!!!

Great! How kind I am!!!

How to install

However, this indicator needs TradingView account.
You have to log in TradingView.

Have you registered?

Then, you can get Bottom Search Man.

check this favorite button.

click Indicators, Favorites, and bottom search man.

It’s over.


you can adjust sensitivity. By default, it is good for BTC/USD. Any other currency, (220,3) is better.
You should find your own parameter.


This indicator has three logic. each logic shows each signal. You can distinguish by the color. red, blue, green.
You MUST verify which logic is strong now.
There is no indicator which is always strong, so you have to verify.

At last

If the indicator is so good,please follow me in Twitter, and give me money by BTC.




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